• Our Commitment

    We will be adding site content and great new ideas to assist you in planning your business and personal travel. This is an ongoing commitment to our passengers to provide the best service possible.
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  • Winter is Here! The Beaches are Calling!

    While your shoveling snow you could be on a beach drinking a coco loco or the "good stuff" on the top shelf.  Either way it's better than how you back feels. It's time to find a relaxing getaway.
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Welcome to Dash Travel Services

It's a pleasure to meet you! So I see you have found the best travel specialist site to book your next holiday. 

Great! Everyone loves to travel and I'm sure you do too. At Dash Travel Services, we provide the best service in the industry. We pride ourselves with excellence to help you create the perfect getaway. Whether your dream is to visit Greece, eat with Mickey Mouse for your 60th Birthday or have a beautiful destination wedding, we can make that happen.

We know that planning a holiday is fun and sometimes stressful with a pinch of anxiety. Not with our assistance, we take all the stress and anxiety out and leave you with the fun. Our consultants have over 15 years of experience in the field. We understand that a worry free holiday is the best holiday.

So, come have all the excitement that you can handle and speak to one of our travel specialists today.